Welcome to the Aitchison Lab Website

The Aitchison lab focuses on applying systems approaches to two fundamental problems in cell biology.

The Aitchison group is applying, developing, and merging new technologies in high throughput biology, functional genomics, proteomics, genetics, and computational biology. The group is devoted to merging these systems biology approaches with more traditional cell biological approaches to obtain new fundamental insights into cell biology. Aitchison lab researchers develop new technique on S. Cerevisiae and apply them to study the bugs responsible for diseases such as dengue and malaria.

The Aitchison laboratory also studies peroxisomes: essential cellular organelles that play diverse metabolic roles. Here, the goal is to understand how external signals trigger the development of peroxisomes and how the cell machinery builds and maintains the organelle. The comprehensive understanding of this dynamic process holds promise to provide insight into the biology of peroxisome biogenesis and into the human disease processes linked to peroxisome dysfunction.